Team Diabesties is a dynamic young group of creators and dreamers from varied backgrounds. It is a mix of Diabetics and Non-Diabetics who all share the same vision and goal. They are truly Type 1 of a kind!

Jazz Sethi, the Founder Director of Diabesties is an experimental dancer, Shakespeare-aficionado, Greys Anatomy fanatic, proud diabetic, explorer at heart, best friend to a few and a happy, flawed, emotional and a fun work in progress!

She chooses to live life on her own terms. Fiercely independent yet happily vulnerable, Jazz graduated from the Riverside School in Ahmedabad in 2013 and decided to pursue dance and choreography as a profession. Her turning point came on 2 January, 2009, when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, as that was when her bouts of ‘why me’ transformed into ‘what if’. Suddenly, it was not what she could not do, but what ALL she could do. She used this opportunity to actively take charge of her life. Diabesties was a seed in her mind right since she was diagnosed, but it took her 9 years to find the courage, the determination and the commitment to kick-start this movement. Jazz is a published poet, an avid reader and a performer who loves to travel and listen to music.

Her mantra is simple – Live Happily and Bolus Regularly

Yuvan Seth, or known more as ‘diaMAKER’ did his BA(hons) in Practical Film Making from Met Film School in Berlin. He directed, produced and worked on several different short films and music videos while there. He was the lead cinematographer for a web series for Youtube Space Berlin. He also produced a documentary for a director from Beijing Film Academy. He is the Head Content Creator of Diabesties – you will always find him with his camera, his infectious smile and of course his hat at any of our DiaMeets. Yuvan likes indie music, artsy films and is a true foodie at heart.

RitikaMaheswari, or otherwise known as ‘diaDOer’ passed out from The Riverside School, Ahmedabad in 2015. She is currently pursuing her BBA in Event Management from Ahmedabad. She’s been freelancing for several companies in the past two years with events ranging from Weddings to Corporate Functions. She is known for her prompt responses and efficient operations. She is the head of operations strategy at Diabesties, where she handles all the DiaMeet venues, partnerships and events. Apart from working, she loves to read books, watch TV shows and chill with her friends.

Prarthana Dixit is a graphic designer by day and visual artist by night but mostly, she is a constant learner and explorer. She graduated from Srishti, Indias leading Art, Design and technology university. She is the companys head Graphic Designer, and is known for her quirky style, effortless drwaings and fun visuals; which is what earned her the name ‘diaDoodler’. She believes Diabestiesis a wonderful place to connect with people having hearts that bleed blue and ideas that are always new.

Tanmay Raval, loves making movies and telling stories. He's currently studying architecture in Ahmedabad, and also works as a freelance Filmmaker and Editor. He works with Diabesties for their selected big projects. Apart from making movies, he loves cycling, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and travelling.

Honey Bhutoria, passed out from Lalji Mehrotra Lions school, Ahmedabad in 2016. She is currently pursuing bachelor's in Architecture from Ahmedabad. She is the Social Media design Head at Diabesties.She has been designing creatives and media from past 2 years.
Apart from this, she love reading books and travelling.

Pragya was diagnosed at the age of 7 with Type 1 Diabetes. She has had four years of experience as a journalist, a Business Development Executive and a content writer. While she believes she can write about anything and everything, she has taken a huge leap by making Type 1 Diabetes her career.
She closely follows news and politics. She's spiritual, patriotic, a bathroom singer (Jazz differs, she says Pragya is a singer) and is always honoured to make anyone & everyone some tea. She is also the Lead of Diabesties Maharashtra chapter

Indu Thampy has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for the past 23 years and she has always been vocal about it. Crowned Miss Kerala 2010, Indu used this platform to spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes across her home state, Kerala. While cinema and television are her profession, patient advocacy is her passion. Indu has reached out to the local public in Kerala to make them aware about the misunderstandings that surround T1D, prejudices, myths, stereotypes through every possible medium of communication ranging from newspapers, magazines to her own YouTube channel (Indu Thampy Type 1 Diabetic Warrior) which selectively reaches her local audience in their own native tongue. Lead of diabesties Kerala chapter

Pooja's pancreas stopped functioning in 2011. The right side of her brain (the creative side), however, has been working in overdrive since her birth close to three decades ago! Pooja recently quit her job as Senior Copywriter in a top international advertising agency to work on the cause of spreading awareness about Type 1 Diabetes. She staunchly believes that just one faint voice can help or save a life. A mental health advocate, she is vocal about the need for emotional support and proper education at the time of diagnosis.

Pooja has two dogs and unlike most of the Diabesties Team, two left feet!

Hi, I am Maneesh Mohanan. I was born in Trivandrum on 17 March.

I was detected with Type 1 Diabetes at 10 years of age. I have pursued Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Engineering and Diploma in Animation. I am working as an Editor in the Malayalam film industry. My hobbies include watching movies,travelling and listening to music.

A graphic designer and a graduate from the M.S. University of Baroda, Deeksha can be found reading a book, petting dogs or finding new ways to protect the planet. Believing in kindness and seeing the brighter side of situations is her motto. She plays an active part in creating Diabesties artwork.

We are thrilled to have Deeksha onboard!

Hi, I am Anandu. I was born on 2 October 1996. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 18 years of age. I am 23 now and have completed BTech Mechanical Engineering. I enjoyed my schooling and college thoroughly and also became a student police cadet and achieved the reward of Best Cadet in state level. I am now working as a guest instructor in Government ITI Dhanuvachapuram.

Meet our Punjab Chapter Head, Deeksha. Deeksha's pancreas said 'humse na ho payega' 20 years ago. And since then one of her aims in life has been to educate people about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). A Counseling Psychologist by profession, she has been a strong advocate of inclusion of mental health in diabetes care management system.

Besides T1D Management, this street-smart Punjabi kudi is spiritual, expressive and passionate. She believes in living life with utmost balance.

Hey there ! I'm Sanjana Mohan, a visual designer who dreams of travelling 24*7 ( so much that my idea of relaxing is to make random itineraries ). Living with type 1 diabetes for 14 years now has taught me three main things. One, always be open to learning. Two, nothing can stop you from what you want to be. Three, never stop dreaming.

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