The Diabesties Foundation prime objectives are Patient Advocacy, Awareness building and focus on getting Access to insulin, with a vision that no diabetic gets left out irrespective of age, gender, religion, social-economic status or religion. Our projects are in effort to create a sustainable and inclusive Diabetic community and work towards bringing about an impactful change in the way countries and communities treat Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Advocacy

    Standing up for T1 Rights, basic standard of care to EACH diabetic.

  • Awareness

    Spotlighting successes, motivational videos, Inspirations stories, Basic awareness, education camps.

  • Access

    Medical and informational Access to ALL diabetics, irrespective of age, demographic, financial status. No one gets left out.

Our Vision

The vision of the Diabesties foundation is to be an initiative dedicated to Type 1 Diabetes and patients suffering from Type1 Diabetes. (Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease which has no cause or cure, whereas Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease.) To be a support system and offer them and their families lifestyle advise, emotional guidance, and non medical support. To organize Diabetes camps and awareness drives in urban and grassroot settings. To promote Diabetes education and learning in all it’s branches of human development to all those needy and interested. Our vision also hopes to create, curate and develop content about Type 1 Diabetes in several art and media forms. To assist government, semi government, private and charitable hospitals in non-medical diabetes care. To promote general welfare for the Diabetic community and to do good for it in all its forms and activities.

Our Impact

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Board OF Advisors

  • Geet Sethi

    Geet Sethi is a nine times World Billiards Champion and founder of OGQ. He is awarded with the padma shri, bharat khel ratna and arjuna award.

  • Kiran Bir Sethi

    She is the founder of Riverside, Aproch, Design for change. She graduated from NID. and is now known as one of the world's leading educator.

  • Tara Kini

    Tara Kini is a hindustani classical singer and education consultant with experience more than 25 years.

  • Dr Ramesh Goyal

    M.D.,D.M. (Endocrinology,A.I.I.M.S.,New Delhi) Consultant in Diabetology & Endocrinology Apollo Hospitals

  • Hiren Karnani


  • Dr Banshi Saboo


  • Raag Sethi


List of trustees

  • Jazz Sethi


    Jazz Sethi is the founder of ‘Diabesties’. She was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 13. She is a professional dancer, choreographer, theatre artist and a published author.

  • Nancy Patel


    Nancy Patel, the real bestie who believes and supports this blue heart movement with all her heart. She works as a brand strategist

  • Akash Karnatki


    Director of Spin Academy


If you believe in the work we are doing and want to help us continue - please support the Foundation. Any contribution is gratefully appreciated. Please fill the form and we will get in touch..

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