Blue Heart Club

Welcome to the Blue Heart Club ! A wall of Blue Hearts - all in support of the vision we are working towards.. You don’t have to be diabetic - you just need to believe in the cause. Lend us your support by wearing the blue heart on your index finger and send us a snap! The more blue hearts we have, the more the circle of influence grows! Welcome to the family… 


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  • Amisha Shivdasani Ahmedabad

  • Anushika Mehta Ahmedabad

  • Archita Tatia Jodhpur

  • Dharti Maheshwari Ahmedabad

  • Vaibhav Garvita Doshi Ahmedabad

  • Hetal Jariwala Ahmedabad

  • Iitishree Mishra Ahmedabad

  • Kapil . Ahmedabad

  • Kayleigh Williamson Hammond

  • Kiran Sethi Ahmedabad

  • Kittu Gulabani Ahmedabad

  • Mark . Ahmedabad

  • Nancy Patel Mumbai

  • Nikita Desai Ahmedabad

  • Priyanka Prasad Ahmedabad

  • Ritu Agrawal Ahmedabad

  • Sabina Zamindar Ahmedabad

  • Tamanna . Ahmedabad

  • Vidhi Parikh Mumbai

  • Yuvan Seth Ahmedabad

  • Pragya Bakshi Mumbai


If you believe in the work we are doing and want to help us continue - please support the Foundation. Any contribution is gratefully appreciated. Please fill the form and we will get in touch..

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