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    At D1abesties, we believe that small steps lead to big victories – be it squeezing in a workout routine for two weeks straight or getting a lower Hba1c number.

  • Healing From The Highs And Lows

    Pragya lists down the top 5 healing hacks she takes to when fighting the mental & physical distress associated with uninvited highs and lows & their aftershocks


    It has been long known that a dog is man's best friend. Dogs are always by your side. They are loyal, enjoyable company, hilarious and oh-so-cute. If only they could talk! But, the numerous health benefits that they provide to their human family members more than make up for their shortcomings.

  • Elements of Variability- The Kichdi Formation

    Being an Indian, is like being a kichdi.Where have we ever introduced ourselves as , well, just “Indian”. We are always Mr./Mrs.(Ms) So –and –so, coming from this state, that town, believing in so-and-so religion ,having been brought up according to so – and – so cultural traditions..etc..etc..We can never be easily defined. So, Mr./Mrs.(Ms) So- and- so is essentially more or less a kichdi.

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  • Diabetes & its Types: Insulin only treatment for T1D, say experts

    In the year 2016, an interview was published in the Economic Times. The interview was with Fiona Godlee, the editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The headline splash read, “Putting patients on insulin is A Big Scam”. The Q&A ranged from corruption in the medical industry to growing pollution in India.

    03 Dec 2019
  • What I Did Today

    A breakfast full of bread in bed, a long bath for which I detach my insulin pump, and patch change gave me the fright of my life today when my glucometer for the first time said HI.

    07 Jun 2020
  • Don't Do Type 1 Diabetes Alone. Get Out There, Live A Little!

    Two days ago, I put up a picture on Instagram of my list of quarterly health checkups that I had to get done.

    02 Oct 2020
  • PTSD & Me

    Trauma affects how your brain operates. Something about the “prefrontal cortex of the brain” and “amygdala”. I am Pooja Bhave, a reluctant writer and a recovering coma survivor.

    10 Oct 2020


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